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T1030 vs B&W 802D

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I played my first pair of Boston Acoustics T1030 rebuilds next to a B&W 802 Diamond pair. We used 500 watt McIntosh monoblocks in a beautiful "box within a box" custom home theater.

Both sets have 6" midranges, 1" tweeters, dual 8" woofers, and identical sensitivity of 90dB SPL

The Bostons held their own w/ what I would call "character differences" in the upper midrange. Others in the room called them "a little brighter" and "more forward". All agreed that they sounded really, really good. We listened to vinyl, cd's and blurays of various genres for about 4 hours. We started w/ the host's B&W set, then BA, than back to the B&W.

Original pricing on the B&W's was $15k, Boston's $1,200. I picked up this T1030 pair for $140, paid Millersound $75 for woofer surrounds & Bill's special tweeks, and about $25 in gas and tolls for a grand total of $240.

I could not be happier w/ these speakers.

Gerry S., you do great work!

Sorry for the terrible cell-phone pic.


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On 11/10/2015 at 7:27 AM, Gerry S said:

Thanks for the compliment, Dan.

Ironically, I've never owned my proudest design ....LOL.

Are you still out there, Gerry? I was hoping you'd chime in on the T1030 vs. VR 40 thread.

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