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ID for these Large Advents


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I came across these yesterday at a very reasonable price, so of course they came home.

I'm just not sure if they're OLA or NLAs. These are the first Large Advents I've encountered.

The date on the tweeter is Feb 8, 1977.

The crossover has two caps, one is 8uf and the other is 16uf.

My understanding is this is the OLA crossover.

The cabinet and woofer look like the NLA.








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"The Advent Loudspeaker" is the OLA. They're from the end of the production run and have the all-steel woofer baskets (no Masonite ring).

Congrats on a good find! Refoam, new caps and replace the foam blocks with fiberglass or polyfill.

Very useful thread: http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?t=126376


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Thank you!

I've got caps and will order surrounds.

I have referred to that link before, but got confused, obviously. The late production shift in woofers is mentioned.

The cabinet does not look like the NLA.

How much fiberglass do these need?

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The New Advent Loudspeakers just say "The Advent Loudspeaker" on the back, too but those are original Advents and, as Kent said, very late toward-end-of-production units with that late date on the tweeters.

Although Advent was probably using all-metal woofers by that point, I have a feeling the originals were replaced at one time because those are the Jensen version of the Advent woofer. Note the round magnet and "220" at the beginning of the production number on the woofer. That is Jensen's EIA number.

Neat to see a late production unit as we (or, I should say I'm) still are vague as to when production of the original Advents actually ceased. My newest pair is from late August of 1976.


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