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AR3a - Rotating Woofers, surround treatment, and fiber fill


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In a couple of weeks when I get back from a trip south I have some crossover work to do on my AR3a. I've been into them a couple of times over the 40 + years that I've owned them but I didn't rotate the woofers 180 degrees either time. I've seen this recommended several times on various sites. I assume the purpose is to counteract the results of gravity on the cone, voice coil and suspension. It's easy enough to do but is it necessary?

Also my 3a's have cloth surrounds that appear to be in pretty good shape and the woofers appear to pass the press and spring back test but if it makes sense to reseal the surrounds I'd like to do so. Yes or no?

Finally, I've heard it stated that the original Fiberglas fill should be replaced in these 40+ year old speakers because it draws moisture etc. I've never personally seen any evidence of that and feel that there's nothing wrong with the original outside of the fact that you need to wear gloves when dealing with it.

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Hi der

AFAIK fiberglass does not need to be replaced. What DOES need to be replaced is rock wool, which was used in some old AR speakers. The rock wool accelerates corrosion.

As long as you have the woofers out, why not rotate? Couldn't hurt.

As long as they pass the spring test (check again after putting it all back together) no reason to reseal them.


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