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AR M5 locating pin/support


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Hi all,

Just trying to find some of the fixing pins between the midrange box and the woofer box on the M5.

Has anybody come across these?

I need to find some to replace the missing ones.

I think it is next to impossible to find but hopefully can get something close aand then can cut/file down to size.

One thing that I have found on the internet is 'Shoulder Screws'.

Best regards,


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Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the M5 or the exact purpose of those pins, but could you use something like this?


or ebay item # 190649861909 or 200724058435

I don't know the size of the studs but I'm guessing you could use them with short pieces of threaded rod.

Probably all metric though. The US is the only place still using the antiquated English system of measurement (well maybe not. According to the interweb Burma and Liberia are still in the 19th century too).

Might be cool to have punk/goth speakers ;)

There are also motorcycle windscreen fairing fasteners like this



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Hi Kent,

I have a friend who works in Cambridge university and has access to a 3D printer.

I have given him the locator pin to transfer the dimensions to a CAD program.

Hopefully he can 'print' me a few replica parts.

They don't need to be very strong so the plastic material should work.

Will let you know how it goes.

Best regards,


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