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5's In The House


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Well, yesterday afternoon I was sitting on the couch watching my alma matter's football game and was not impressed with their play so ended up also surfing the web, including Craigs list. BAM! Someone had just posted KLH Model 5's for $100. My team was playing like crap and the game was still close starting the 4th qtr, but as soon as the seller responded that they were available for me to come check them out, I didn't hesitate.

Man did I get lucky, they were gorgeous.

They are now home and upon initial inspection are really clean and fully functional! By what I have quickly read about the 5's here it sounds like I need to assume a recap and cloth surround doping will be in order. Sounds like some of Roy's surround solution is in order (which I guess I can also use on my 3's and early 2ax's). I will need some badges too.

The 2nd part of my wonderful luck was that I kept track of the game scoring on my phone on my way to get the speakers. As I pulled up to the sellers house, we kicked the game winning field goal as time expired! Oh yeah, as a toss in they also sold me a pair of bose 301's (V1) that need refoaming, a Yamaha RX550 receiver, Yamaha cassette deck and a Yamaha carousel CD player, all for another $50. Nothing I really need or wanted but....





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Nice catch! I've been tempted by these in the past, but I already have two pair of AR-3a.

Those surrounds may have already been sealed. Have you tested the rebound when you press the woofer cone (assuming the drivers are already tight)?

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I am always keeping my eyes out for a set of these. No luck yet, and the way it usually works for me I will find a set when I am not looking!

Nice grab, and congrats on the game as well!

I think anybody in the know would have grabbed all the other booty for $50.

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I am putting together a shopping list for the re-cap of the crossover. Which of the schematics in the library should I be using as a guide to put my list of parts together? Or, if someone already has a list....


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The schematic is in the Library: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/klh/klh_5_klh_model_five/klh_5_schematicsservice/klh_5_schematic.html

Here's a parts list (per speaker):

Caps (film)

1) 25uF
1) 16uF
3) 4uF
1) 3uF

Resistors (10 or 12w)
6 ohm
5 ohm
10 ohm
2) 15 ohm

As discussed before, you can use smaller caps in parallel to make larger caps. The 10uF surplus caps at Mad can be used with 4.7uF Carlis for the 25. 3.9 works for the 4 and for the 3uF you can use surplus or carli 2.7's. For the 16uF you could use a 10 and two 2.7s (close enough).


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Thanks Kent.

I wasn't in a big hurry to get these, but as I have tried to effectively put together an order for the other speakers I have come to realize that the bigger the order the better in terms of shipping cost. This cap ordering thing is pretty funny and frankly frustrating. No one source has all what you need, then one source has something but the shipping is crazy. That alone is good reason to parallel various values. God forbid you forget something. Yikes!

Hey, with the Clarity brand, which model seems to be the preferred? PX? Looks like Madisound is closing out the SA.

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Looks like the SAs are gone (except 0.33uF). I used those to do Model Fives for another CSP member. I've also used the PX, which are more reasonable but as I've written before I'm not a proponent of boutique caps.

PE has free shipping for $99 orders. Mad I think is free for $100 orders. Also with Madisound you can specify USPS for small orders and the cost is reasonable. But yes--best to make a careful list of everything you need or may need and order all at once.

If you just need a few things PM or email me a list and I'll see if I can supply them at my cost + actual postage. Other members here are also willing to help you out. You can send up to a pound by Priority Mail for about $6.50, and for under 14 oz. First Class Parcel is about 2 bux or so.

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