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Holographic M5


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Hi all,

I know these speakers are too new and do not come under the vintage section.

I have just purchased a pair of Holographic M5.

Before I take it apart to get to the woofers to check the surrounds, does anybody know if it have rubber or foam surrounds.

If they are rubber then I can save myself some work and leave them alone for a little while.

Best regards,


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While listening to the M5 I heard so distortions from the internal woofers on both speakers.

So decided to take them apart to investigate.

The internal woofer is held on a piece of wood firing sideway.

This piece of wood slides in on two grooves on the inside of the cabinet - clever design but with its design flaw ( more later).

The faom surrounds were intact but disintegrated with a slight touch of my finger.

So refoamed both woofers.

Installed them back after a few hours and fired them up.

To my horror, the distortion is still there.

Took the woofers out and inspected all the components ( surround, spider, cones ...) carefully but couldn't find anything wrong with them !

Inspected them a few more time but still couldn't find anything wrong.

And then I tested with the woofers out of the box, no distortion.

Cut the long story short, when the piece of wood holding the woofer slide back into place, there is a small gap at the bottom allowing air to escape to the next compartment.

Because this piece of wood cannot be fixed, so after a few trial and errors, I ended up using a piece of thin foam plastic placed on the bottom of the cabinet next to the grooves and lower the wood onto it to create an air tight seal.

Completed one and it is sounding much better without any distortions.

Sorry for the long post.

Although the cabinet is not a fully sealed unit, but the space where the woofer fires into is.

That demonstrates the importance of a well sealed enclosure if they are meant to be sealed.

Best regards,


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Hi  David

Tonight i remove the 4 drivers from the boxes and i will bring them next week to a local shop specialised in repair of drivers. i start a new discussion on M4 title about my refurbished AR M4 Project.


Thanks for your help





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