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"power To The People, Rite-On!"


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I'm just say’in, as I always have been, stupidly enough for those who won't believe, here's the thing!

Difference is, my two alleged pigs have lipstick and eye make-up on, with their hair done too.

You new guys here are talking old amps for 'ARs', well here's the baby for you!

I've mentioned this in my last post in 'gasket-material' and too many others.

P.S. my two main system amps are of the same circuit configuration, but with some make-up on for the front panel's beautiful appearance.

My two girls like make-up, and that's O.K.

But, really! What are member's listening impressions of vintage AR speakers, and compared to what? And what level of personal experience and 'time-in' are we 'coming-from'.

I kinda would bet if we all had B&W 801's, Diamond tweeter what-evers, or M.L's Grand-Masters ( http://app.audiogon.com/listings/full-range-cello-grand-masters-in-excellent-condition-one-of-the-best-sounding-speakers-ever-mad-2013-02-20-speakers-10034 ) or Infinity's last huge model in the late '70s, early '80s, things would be wide-open in listening perceptions and we'd all go down with the ship or still believe in old 'ARs'.

For me, I'm extremely happy with old LSTs which contain the same complement of drivers as the above mentioned Grand Master speakers, happy just as I was with my 3as and 2axs, but if opportunity called, I might cheat a little on my two other girls. I guess in the end to an owner, it's all relative?

Ahhhhhhhh, the good old days at CSP... http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?showtopic=1129&page=3



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Thanks for reminding me, Frank.

How could I forget about the '70s Phase Linears.

The 400 model would have been more in line with my pocketbook.

Here is a clip from the WP article: "All of those designs were made to have extra power to run loudly the relatively inefficient sealed-box speakers like the Acoustic Research AR3/AR3a. (citation needed)"

There are a couple of vintage setups on the auction site currently that are quite reasonable if you live in their neighborhood.


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Interesting post Frank. First off, about a year ago I posted this http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?t=556669 on AK after probably 3 months of lurking there. That led me to this site and audioheritage site and have been enjoying the discussions and interactions ever since. What was not discussed was the influence speakers have had in my audio journey. To frame the topic, I will start with my vintage. I went to High School in the mid 70's and come from a middle to upper-middle class family. I had access to my older brother's stereo, which was a bookshelf system with a receiver and 8 track combo. If memory serves me right it was a Montgomery Ward system? For me, I would scab together whatever I could find and generally enjoy and develop my taste in tunes.

I went to boarding school (Senior year high school) and was among others who came from better off families than I, and was treated to many decent music systems. Marantz, Bose, Advent, BIC, Dual, Harman Kardon, Acoustic Research and the like. One day, while in a friend's dorm room, I was un-knowingly sitting in the "sweet spot" for his system. It was a Marantz 2270 with a set of Bose 501s and I believe a Dual TT. He put on Joe Walsh So What on the TT and I experienced my first exposure to imaging. I was intrigued by this greatly, and my internal dialog went something like "this is what I need!" and so the journey began. As this search went on, I sampled many many speakers, and often wondered what so many people found so nice about this or that as far as components. The best example I can use is I never really liked the sound of Advent speakers in general, but many peers did. I did however very much like the sound of Acoustic Research speakers of the era, but never paid for a set. I guess the 501 experience really worked as marketing for Bose and I went through many many speaker configurations over the years. Part of that was the digital formats and I was then on a quest that had no reasonable end, at least for my means.

My wife and I now listen to music on a Marantz 2325, with a set of JBL L110s matched with a set of AR 2ax, both which I have refurbished. A Thorens TT or an ipod for a source and I am very happy! It took me a long time to understand the "fatigue" part of many speakers, and I will never go back now that I really get it. I have a nice set of AR 5s that I am slowly working on and am anxious to get them in the mix.

I have enjoyed refurbishing random sets of speakers, and am always keeping my eye out for particularly AR sets of vintage speakers. I am thankful that my wife shares my love of music, and is supportive of this new found hobby/quest for the sound!

Also would like to add that this community of like minded folks has been a wonderful resource. Roy, Glenn and many others are happy to provide guidance, support and resources for us newbies and it too has been an unexpected bonus.

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