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Re-suspending an AR-1 woofer


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I know this is terrible blasphemy, but I have an AR-1 that is "not so pristine"* and was wondering if anybody has re-mounted (housed, suspended, baffled??) the woofer from an AR-1 or AR-3?

Funny thing is that Vilchur hit the nail on the head. He created a 12-Hz driver and "suspended" it in a 1.4 cu foot "adiabatic" box, with a system resonance suitably low (mine measures 35 Hz). So, if you put that woofer in a bigger box, shouldn't you be able to get swell sound down to maybe 25 Hz? Why not?

Glad to hear views on the subject.... other than what a miserable cad I must be.

Anybody know the Thiele-Small numbers for this driver? Or even just magnet weight?




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