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Replacement tweeter recommendations for AR 2ax tweeters


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I have a new restoration project on a decent pair of AR-2ax's. Cabinets are in good shape. I'm cleaning the controls as per recommendations elsewhere in this forum including the salt and vinegar bath etc. Recapping. The mids and woofers are in good shape with the woofs being re-foamed.


The tweeters are shot. Suggestions?

Originals are hard to find and (supply and demand) expensive. Any one have any that work for a reasonable price? Shoot me an email. These speakers are from around 1972 with the spring-posts on the front that connect to the braided wire on the tweeters.

I've seen other brands recommended like HiVi, but are they for the AR-3a and not this model? I'd particularly like some that simply fit the cabinet and wouldn't require a major cabinetry work-around. I'm ok with adding some tuning to make the new tweeter work well with what's already here (inductors) but would need some instruction.

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If you are not able to acquire original tweeters, the HiVi Q1R tweeter is really the only other option you have for an easy fit. A .05mh to .07mh parallel inductor (which can be mounted on the back of the tweeter) will be required to take it closer to the sound of the original tweeter. A reduction of the 4uf cap to around 3uf will bring it even closer, though many people are happy leaving the cap as is.

This has been discussed at length in this forum. Do a search...there are some photos showing how to set up the HiVi tweeter with the coil for a relatively easy installation.


PS just saw and responded to your PM

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