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AR 2ax tweeters needed


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I have come across a restoration project for some AR 2ax speakers. Four of the drivers seem to be operable, but, sadly, the two tweeters are shot. One tweeter is totally unresponsive. The other shows continuity (5.7 ohms) but the sound output is about half of what it should be according to a tech at Midwest Speaker Repair. Anyone have some working tweeters for the AR 2ax for a reasonable price, get back to me. The originals are stamped 1972 and have the braided leads that connect to the spring-posts that protrude through the cabinet. I'm not fussy about the date, I'd just like to get two fairly similar AR-made silk dome tweeters. Thanks for looking. Or if you have any input as to why a speaker can have continuity and sound, but be weak, none the less.

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