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Allison 1 cabinets


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Hello, would anyone be interested in a set of Allison 1 cabinets for resurrection back into a functioning set of speakers? If interested please contact me. They will have to be picked up in western MA unless you want to pay packing and shipping charges. These came from a guy in the next town who had gutted the cabinets of drivers and crossover components to sell via Ebay. When I went over to pick up the parts (which I bought for my own set of AL-1's) that I had won in his auction I saw the cabinets sitting by the door. He said he was going to put them out for bulk trash pick up. So home with me they went. These are offered for free to someone who will promise to reconstruct them properly. You will have to keep a close eye on Ebay for the drivers. Crossover parts are in stock at Parts Express. Remember, everything was stripped from these cabinets, drivers, crossover board, baffle mounted spring loaded connection terminals, rubber feet on the bottom, grilles, everything. I can post photos if wanted.


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