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AR4xa at the UK Scalford Hi-Fi Show


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The restoration of these (with mods) has been documented here previously but I took them along to the annual Scalford Hall Hi-Fi show along with a Marantz 2225 receiver and early Rega TT as the heart of a 70s vintage audio system on a budget. We got some great feedback with many commenting that clearly loudspeaker design hasn't come very far in 35 years!

Many said it was the best sound at the show, which is pretty amazing given some systems were easily in excess of £50,000.

People enjoyed the good balance, dynamics and clean bottom end, especially given many larger systems were overdriving the smaller rooms.

Hopefully we managed to rekindle some UK interest in this vintage kit and in AR - and judging by the number of people who promised to go away and explore their attics and garages I think we might have succeeded :)

This was the set up - super simple:

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