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Ar1 low woofer output


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Does the spider look okay and is it supporting the voice coil so that it is reasonably

well centered with regard to the gap?

Is it possible the cone ever had mass added?

Measuring the T&S parameters might help to determine the problem.

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I'm talking about centering along the stroke of the cone, it would have to be

very far off center for there to be reduced output given how much overhang

was used.

Where are you located? You might want to consider just sending it out to be

worked on.

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I'm in Trumbull Connecticut and if you are near by I'd be willing to test the T&S parameters

but I don't have experience repairing the very old drivers like yours - and I'm rather short on

free time theses days. Roy, Carl, and Bill LeGall at Millersound are the usual choices:


Bill LeGall is nearly legendary in the field, here is a .pdf about him and there are web articles

with impressive pictures of his place and accomplishments:


I always prefer to preserve the original dust cap - ask them if they can do that. Ask if they

will give you final T&S parameters.

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They said the "tested" it but I think it's extent was dcr. I did tell then just to recharge so maybe it's my fault. I figured it would be tested and worked more if needed. In going to pry off surround and spider which is very easy and re set and see if it works. Maybe something in v c gap.

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