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Please help identify this woofer from AR 18B


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I have a pair of AR 18Bs which come with a pair of 8 inch woofers I have not seen before. From the front they look identical to AR 200037's(which I also have). From the back each woofer has a round magnet with 5 mm top plate and 25 mm total thickness of the magnet, both are similar to 200037, except the magnet is round not square. Additionally, the voice coil appears to be 1 inch not 1.5 inch (as in 200037) and the connectors are different. I have never seen a woofer from AR 18 BX or 18 BXI. Could this be one of those?




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Your 8" woofers are not recognizable to me, but they appear to be well-built drivers, so I'd suggest not pitching them - - - just keep them around, they look too good to throw away.

Pic and partial drawing attached of 8" woofer p/n 200037 from AR-18B.

post-112624-0-07391700-1379521297_thumb. post-112624-0-40814300-1379521379_thumb.

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