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Rebuilt Vintage AR-3a Speakers for Sale


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I am selling a pair of restored AR-3a speakers for $800 plus shipping. These are late 1960s, early 1970s vintage.

They were a mess when I got them and have been completely restored: crossovers rewired with Erse capacitors, Ohmite volume controls that will not corrode, new HiVi tweeters purchased from Vintage AR, professonally reconed woofers that are now brand new, cabinets that have been stripped and sanded and finished in the classic AR rubbed oil finish; new grill cloth.

The original tweeters will be provided if the purchaser wants. I think the new tweeters significantly improve the hi-end performance. As in any cabinet that is 40+ years old, there are some marks that did not come out during the refininishing. There are a few small stains on the bottom of one of the cabinets that did not come out. You can take a look at the attached pictures -- they look great. The cabinets have been properly sealed to ensure optimum performance. I can send more pictures if you are interested.

As members of this forum know, these speakers knock your socks off with any kind of music.



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