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Pair of AR-4s questions


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I have a pair of AR-4 speakers (I believe AR-4 not AR-4x) that I plan to sell on eBay. I would like to know more about them now that I plan to sell them. These are in great shape. The covers are dirty and stained and the Rheostat has been bypassed but other than that they're excellent. Their serial numbers are 16735 and 16954. I believe these were made in 1965-66. Any information is greatly appreciated.




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Yes, those are most definitely AR-4's and not the 4x's. The two most obvious identifers are the rear paper tag, obviously, and the 3-1/2" tweeter, which was found only in the model 4 (when installed in a cabinet of this size). The woofer, too, with the flared bolt lugs on the basket frame, is typical of the AR-4. No biggie, but your time estimates may in fact be about one year too current - - these probably date from 1964 or early 1965. Attached is a recent link recently where I was assisted in obtaining further information on the AR-4, including a very fine simple crossover schematic and parts list.


If you do plan to sell them, you may first wish to consider listing them here on CSP before eBay, as you can feel relatively assured they would end up in the hands of a competent restorer or an avid collector. You may also wish to reconsider fixing them up yourself for your own use - - - this is a fairly easy speaker to work on, and my experience suggests that the performance is very good - - - I love my little AR-4's.

However, if you absolutely must sell, prospective buyers will want to know more about the condition of the cabinets and grilles, and whether all four drivers are functioning. I am curious to understand how you know the pots have been bypassed, and if so, has there been any other work done to the crossovers?

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