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need help with early pair of cizek speakers


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Whoa, those ARE early! Contact Paolo Lippe directly, he's the Cizek expert here and all over, and then please tell us how yours sound!! I've just acquired another pair of the Model 1s for my home office and am in absolute heaven. Mine have realistic highs, mids and go low but someone suggested sinning and quietly adding a powered subwoofer for the music I listen to. I'm mostly Classical but I love loud movie soundtracks and Classic rock. We'll see. Good luck, -Joseph

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This is a mystery. There is not much information on Roy Cizek or his speakers. Roy F. Cizek (January 29, 1943 – April 12, 1993) was an American inventor who developed high end audio loudspeakers throughout the late 1960s and up to the 1990s.

In this thread http://www.classicsp...?showtopic=3126 a writer says he worked at the Cizek factory in Bloomington in late 1972. Also see “Memories of Roy Cizek” here http://www.classicsp..._roy_cizek.html He writes “I somehow ended up in Bloomington, Indiana in October, 1968. By November I was working in the dusty basement of the only movie theatre in Bloomington, where I was employed by Roy Cizek (and his sidekick Ron), making Cizek speakers.” Bet your speakers were built in that basement!

Roy was raised in Bloomington. My understanding is he went from there to Mass where he consulted for AR and others, then started his own company. That seems to be late 70s-early 80s. Later he moved to Torrence CA to work for Altec. Maybe some other readers can fill in the gaps. His last line, the High Tech Aspirin, were produced in Paramount CA.

Here’s an odd thing: the Massachusetts-manufactured speakers have the familiar Cizek logo where the “C” is has a speaker in it and the letters are block style. The California speakers, “High Tech Aspirin” have logos just like the ones on your speakers.

According to the HTA brochure he started Cizek Industries when he was 21 years old (that would be 1964). In 1974 he moved to Mass to attend MIT.

Reading between the lines, he was not much of a businessman. He apparently had three speaker companies: Cizek Industries, Cizek Audio and High Tech Aspirin. The brochure described HTA as “WAF/Audiophile speakers” :D

Your speakers have labels that read “Cizek Enterprises”—that’s not even listed in the sources I looked at.



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