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Help! AR18 in the UK


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Hi everyone -

I am really hoping someone can help me - I have a pair of AR18 speakers which I've adored since buying them in London in the early 1980s...

But they need a refurb and I'm wondering if anyone can point me towards someone over here who could help me out?

I'm just west of London but am happy to consider further away as I don't want to have to buy inferior speakers!!!



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Assuming that you are not taking the DIY route, Wembley Loudspeaker would certainly get my vote. In my experience, they are conscientious to the point of being aware of, and using, replacement foams that are suitably compliant for Acoustic Research speakers. (JBL type for 8" drivers, Boston FF for 12", when last I had any dealings with them). I have a friend who has a recording studio, and they are his first point of call when any of his AR-18s speakers (used for near-field monitoring in the control room, client speakers in reception, and at home for entertainment), are in need of maintenance.

Plus, AR speakers are popular with the staff, and they are based in West London.


post-101656-0-16093000-1343131633_thumb. post-101656-0-30862800-1343131662_thumb.

AR-18s, studio near-field use.

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