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I'm looking for any information on the AR925E.Is it a variation of the AR92 or is it completly different.It is a 3 way floor stander.I got that from the ad.I'm just wondering if these are worth buying.

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The AR-925 used essentially the same drivers as the AR-92, but the crossover did not include the (-3 / -6 / 0 dB) level controls for the mid and high range. The cabinet was similar in form factor to the AR-94.

I had a pair for a while, and very much enjoyed their sound. Recently, I sourced and repaired a second pair for a friend which now see frequent use in a photographic studio. They've met with apt praise in that location.

Worth buying? If the aesthetic and sound quality fit with the environment and requirement, and such things matter to you (or for spares). They worked surprisingly well in that particular studio-kitchen setting (despite the non-optimum placement), fairly inconspicuous with their brown tops and sleeves against a side brick wall. (Ideally—say, wall mounted AR-LST would have been my preferrence, funds allowing. I digress.)

Note, of the four units I've refoamed, one had the later Tonegen woofer (1-2100330B 863TNB), the other three had the AR 200033-0 woofer. All had round magnets, with the surround foam attached to the back the cone.



AR-925, drivers shown.

AR-925 in place.

AR-925 System Assembly

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Thanks Robert_S.Your info is not making it easier to decide not to buy them.LOL.I have AR 91's which look to be the same as 92's but with 12" woofers.So I would guess the sound would be similar but with a little less bass.

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