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Ar holographic imaging


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they're from the early 90's. the brochure on this website explains the concept pretty well....in a nutshell, the angled front baffle serves 2 purposes: 1) it projects the sound over you to get some room reflection in play to surround you with sound, and 2) it utilizes the steeper roll off of the woofer's off axis response create a steeper summed crossover profile than it could accomplish with no low pass filter, which should reduce potential phase issues at the crossover point.

my M5's are very airy sounding, definitely more forward in the midrange than my AR18's, with a nice punch on the low end. the actually are a little boomy in my office, but lightly stuffing the top port of the bandpass base with some polyfill tamed that. they are wonderful with my Marantz 2230, and the Who's "Quadrophenia" is magical on this rig..

FWIW, the M5 and M6's internal woofers have foam skivvers, and I believe the M4 and M4.5's internal woofer does to. I had to refoam mine here about a month and a half ago.

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