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Dahlquist post jumoers


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Hi everyone. I am new to this forum. I just picked up a pair of DQ-18's. Onw of the speakers is misssing the binding post jumpers. I temporarily wired it with speaker wire. I woud really like to have an original jumper to replace the missing set. I looked around but cannot find a pair. All I see is parts Express ones and they don't look anything like these. I saw a pair but they are in England and they don't ship! Anyone have a pair I can buy or know where to get some? Thanks in advance for the help. You can reply or e-mail @ dav2no1@yahoo.com



Ohh Sorry! I replaced some M-905's with the Dq-18's. Fronts are DQ-6's running off an older Sony ES receiver and Sony center channel.

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