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AR2ax Restore


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Finished another Ar2ax restore by replacing the old wax block capacitor with a (3.9uf Carli mylar Cap) for tweeter then for the midrange a (6uf Clarity-Cap PX polyprolyene) then i wanted to experiment with tweeters,the orignal 3/4" units still had some fairly good output but I wanted to see if there was any difference using a pair of AR303a tweeters I had just sitting around so I started the fabrication process for the adaptor plates then I installed on back of the each AR303a tweeter in parallel a .15mh coil ( http://www.parts-exp...tnumber=255-206) since original tweeter was already out phase with woofer I did not make any change of phase with AR303a tweeter.I removed the pot's cleaned reinstalled. I checked the old capacitors when i removed them with a Sencore LC103 Capacitance Analyzer and attached some photos and the adaptor plates.Going to sit down now and do some comparison with some jazz tunes.









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Wish I knew how to operate this kind of gear to measure performance. i bought and one of these ohm/voltage meters and I can't seem to get to work. I just did a 2AX rehab, refoam, new caps and volume controls from Vintage AR and also just bought new tweeters -- again from Vintage AR. They sound absolutely amazing. I'm rehabbing some 3As and 5s, and am frankly wondering if they'll sound as good as these. I run them with my Dynaco A-25s (recapped and new tweeters) for a great sound.

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