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Reborn of ADVENT A4


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Reborn of ADVENT A4 speakers! Sound is FANTASTIC!!! And the look!!!

All I can say for sure is that I do not need to invest in speakers anymore in my lifetime, perfect speakers! Thanks Henry Kloss!

Handmade oak-wood speakers with Advent A4 woofers, tweeters and crossovers. All crossover parts replaced with new ones.










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Beautiful work! Some of us would be interested to see any photos of the construction process. And I for one would be interested to know more about your turntable. Looks like the phono preamp is built in and you have an iPod dock. What else is going on there? Is it totally built from scratch or did it start out as something else?



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I just wanted create one jukebox where is everything built in (radio tuner, turntable, preamp, dock, cd-player). There is no such thin on market. Now I did it!!! :) and sounds fantastic with reconstructed advent a4 speakers. No wire jungle around, all in one. I hope this will inspire someone too. I put some specs later, with time. And add some better pics.

Never listened music so much as I do now!

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Turntabe jukebox includes: Pro-Ject RPM 1.3 turntable (with acryl platter and Artofon 2M Black MM cartridge) , Pro-Ject preamp Tube Box II, Pro-Ject iPhone Dock Box VI, Pro-Ject Tuner Box S and Pro-Jet CD Box. All mounted in and conneted to backpanel with quality cables.

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Video of Advents: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bToozH6L0rs

I find better components for crossovers, I remade crossovers with best components to original Rev. 2 with this set:

VCap 8uF capacitor 104$/

Andy-Cap 15uF capacitor 130$/

Copperfoil coil 0.47mH (0.16ohm) 57$/

Copperfoil coil 1.50mH (0.23ohm) 140$/

air coil 0.07mH (0.18ohm) 3$/

resistor 3.0ohm 5w

changed all wires to silver cloth wires120$

Sound improwed already! I think it will be much better after 400h burn in. So it took 500$/each crossover, but sound is really much more transparent. I recommend to try!

Now waiting for my ZEN TORII MK3 :)


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