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AR 5 Woofer Replacement


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I purchased a pair of AR-5s off Craiglist. Both speakers had Radio Shack replacement woofers in them. My question is this: does it make a difference if I purchase set of 10-inchers off E-bay from the era, or, alternatively, should I just go ahead and spend the $ on replacement ones off Vintage AR Parts. There's a set of AR-5 woofers on e-bay right now for $130; Vintage AR will sell new a new replacement pair for another $10. Are there any opinions about which of these woofer replacements would be better. Or, alternately, I suppose I could keep the radiocshack polycone ones....

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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the AB tech sourced replacements vintage AR sells aren't any more correct than the rat shacks in there now. I'd go used original. the AR5 woofer is also the same as the foam surround 2ax and AR8.

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Did you ever get any replacement woofers.

I have 2 pairs of AR-3a and AR-5 speakers, but also some spare parts, including 4 10 inch woofers.

Three are stamped frame with rotted foam surrounds, one is cast frame/cloth surround and the surround has become unglued form the frame.

There is a matched pair from 1971 with the smaller magnet, but unfortunately it appears that a mouse has chewed some of the paper off the cone of one near where the surround glues on. The other stamped frame woofer has a larger square magnet. They are just taking up space here (as well as providing something for mice to chew on) and I will be happy to send them to you for pretty much the cost of shipping from near Portland OR if you are interested. Also have some mids and even two complete AR-5 crossovers still mounted on back panels from the cabinets that someone cut out (!!!). Just email me at dogdrjohn@gmail.com or call me at 360-606-5723 if you want any of this stuff. Too bad I didn't read this last month as I was in Carmel on Memorial Day weekend.


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dogdrjohn, might you still have 10" AR 5 woofers around?  I'm into my first speaker rehab that includes a pair of AR 5's. The voice coils on mine speakers are bad.  I've already purchased replacement surrounds so I can cover that.

I'm new to this discussion sight although I've been checking in for a while.  I hope I'm not out of line with my inquiry.


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