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Cabinet plans/drawings


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I'm mulling the possibility of building some AR3's or AR5's. Wondering if anyone has any cabinet plans for these speaker boxes.

Also, although it seems rather difficult to acquire the correct drivers, cross overs and parts necessary. Do you think it would be cheaper and easier to just buy a pair of used ones off eBay, even though it seems like the prices are exorbitant.



Am I doing myself a disservice by building some of these speakers since they won't be original AR's?

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It sounds like a fun project, but it might not be an effective use of the money.

In order to acquire the needed vintage drivers & crossovers, you'd most likely have to part-out a few partially-functioning AR-3 systems - this being said, my experience has been that AR-3 cabinets are rarely the weak link when it comes to a decision to rebuild or part-out, and this fact would obviate the need to construct a new box.

If you're an excellent woodworker, and have plans to build an "improved" or modified cabinet (perhaps with a more modern aesthetic, or something more in line with current high-end cabinet science), or modify the system's internals (esoteric wiring, high-end crossover caps/inductors/controls, etc.), then sacrificing worn, but good vintage cabinets for their drivers & crossover parts would be feasible.

In the end, it's almost always easier and cheaper to rebuild & restore a vintage system, especially if you're not looking to change some aspect, or other.

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Yeah, I kind of figured it probably want the greatest project idea after thinking hard over it.

I just bought some beat up KLH model 17's. That'll keep me busy for while.

I should probably post this over in the KLH area, but I'll give this a go.

They sound good although the tweeter sounds a little fuzzy at times. I know the capacitors tend to go in these. How do I tell if the capacitors are bad?

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