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Cool tweeter fix


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You know the little tweeters in the AR-4 series, and the AR-6 or any small cone tweeter. I came up with a way to improve their output. With your thumbs, press the cone in and out about 10-15 times. I know that sounds strange, but it works. I can’t believe the difference it has made in my 4x tweeters! I used to have the tweeter level up all the way, now after doing the movements, I only need the control up a bit above the center point. Everything about these tweeters is better now. I was thinking of replacing the tweeters because they sounded funny, now they sound perfect. Vocals just jump from the speakers now, violins sound like violins, and percussion has impact. Stereo imaging is also greatly improved. Massage your cone tweeters today!

(I know, that sounded realy stupid! But it works!)

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Send me a check, cash, whatever for $5.00 (US currency) to

Joe Nino-Hernes

6 Sears Drive

Lake Placid NY 12946

And I will mail you a Compact Disc of some of my best recordings. This disc will be Jazz and Classical. Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. All recordings mastered on AR-2 loudspeakers.

This info goes for anyone here!

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