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Allison AL-120 information


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Just picked up a pair of Allison AL-120 speakers.

One of the grill is missing and one tweeter doesn't make sound.

I checked the tweeter repair thread and will try to fix the tweeter.

Serial numbers are J-5772 and J-5777.

Is there a way to determine manufacturing date?

Attached is a picture.

Thanks for comments.


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I finally got around this and FIXED the tweeter. 04.gif

Tweeter was working when I connected speaker wires around the dome.

It read around 3.5 ohms.

I thought the connector on the side of damaged tweeter grill is bad but both leads were connected fine to the terminals fine and both terminals were not getting connection. May be due to corrosion.

So I cut both leads and soldered a small copper wire after melting the protective sheath using soldering iron. Then I taped the leads with black electric tape and bent the grill on both sides so they don't press on the leads. I applied some Elmer's clear glue to hold the grill in place. It looks fine and works perfect now.

I can bet the repaired link is much stronger than the thin tweeter wire.

Now I need to find a grill and they will be complete.

Attached are couple of pictures.



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