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New to Bozak / Xover, upgrade questions

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Hello everyone. I just picked up my first and certainly not my last pair of Bozak's yesterday. They are a near mint pair of B-305 in a, I believe, a walnut veneer. All speakers function and sound very pleasing. I bought them from the original owner and are all original except the grill cloth which he replaced with original type cloth. I was wondering what recommended crossover upgrades are recommended and where I would be able to buy said upgrades from. Are there any other recommended upgrades for these monsters? Thanks for any help!

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You may want to look into the 'Tobin crossover upgrade'. Details can be found at the Yahoo Groups Bozak site.

Here is a picture of the upgrade. The upgrade is for the N-10102A crossover. Look and see if you have this one.



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