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How to replace cloth on Heritage grill frame?


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Like the topic says - I have pair of Heritage models and the grill cloth is showing it's age.

It looks like these were heat or ultrasonic welded in place using a fixture (the cloth is fused to the grill frame).

Has anyone been able to replace similar grill colth with success? Any tips are appreciated.

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Since this forum is mostly dedicated to the earlier Advents, there may not be many with experience with the later models.

However, I do believe I know the construction of which you speak.

I would just cut the old off right next to where it is staked to the frame and glue new stuff on. Use a fast setting glue (I have some 3M automotive trim adhesive I have used for similar circumstances), lay a bead on there, and press the material into it while gently stretching it. It doesn't have to be THAT tight.


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