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Need help ID'n these speakers


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Great to have you on the forum. I have two pairs of the powered partners and enjoy them where I need lots of sound in a small area. I first heard them in the early 90's in a Silicon Graphics Inc demo booth (Jurassic Park Animation) at a trade show and was stunned with how much sound a small powered speaker could put out. I think SGI probably bought half the production of these systems because I saw them everywhere I went while working with the company.

I've attached a pictures of the label, plug panel, and cable ends so you can see what I have. Those cables are easy to purchase at Radio Shack or online at 2-Slot Polarized Power Cord

Both pairs of mine needed to have the pots cleaned to eliminate static, and there were different versions with a variety of amplifier power capacity; single tone VS bass/treble control layouts. The older pair needed refoaming, so check the foam surround if they sound distorted. Foam surrounds kits can be found on online as well.

They are great little speakers that put out a lot of sound and still hold their value on craigslist or ebay, despite their age!

BTW, the older ones I had to foam looks just like yours. The pic showing back label is of the newer version on the right side of the picture with two partners.

Good luck...





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