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What was the original list price of the AR11?


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Hi all-

New AR11 owner here. I recieved a pair from a friend whose father was an audiophile. He (my friend) knew I appreciate quality audio gear and like a challenge so he gave me the AR11s hoping I could do something with them. I have replaced the foam surrounds and got them sounding decent. I am looking forward to delving into them deeper and bringing them back to their full potential.

My question is this: what did these originally list for? The chart I downloaded from the library here has them at $3450.00 (http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/acoustic_research/ar_model_history_in_chronol.zip) but that can't be right. Based on the prices of the similar models I am assuming $345.00.

Can anybody confirm this?

Great sounding speakers. I can't wait to bring them inside and try them on the main rig and really see what they can do!

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That was the "middle-of-life" list for the AR-11.

It was introduced in 1975 at $295 ea (the same price as the 3a was at the time. The two speakers lived side-by-side for a short time.) It went to $325 ea in 1976, and eventually to $350 ea. in 1977.

This is part of my reasoning for the original AR-58 (the one that used AR-91 drivers) at $325 ea in 1980-ish being such an outstanding speaker and great value.

Steve F.

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