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Phase Technology PC 1000HO


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Just inquiring if anybody have had or have these speakers or other baffled-style speakers . I acquired mine in a deal along with Sansui SX-2500A (I still haven't found the A series). EPI A-150,(Good sound but cant stand that monolith-triangle shape + hooking them up on the bottom) ,Advent A1123 (eh) and a couple other sets I cant think of right now.

Anyway this was my first encounter with passive baffle speakers. I can re-foam

O.K. but since these speakers don't have the standard voice coil, I had to send them out to get re-foamed. Not going to say which Speaker Co. but they tried 3 different times to get it right.(I hope)

I just went through Phase Tech Co to buy the Baffles.(only $40 each but worth it in time and trouble). I take it the baffles are just huge tuned ports which would have to weigh and be tuned to a point where there is a constant pain in my ass that wont quit.

A few questions come to mind. They are sealed aside from the baffles but to get the baffles to work O.K., would you have to separate some or all of the filling so the woofer has a straight shot down to activate the baffles better???

Would it be better to take the baffles out and replace with sub-woofers??? I know this would screw up the 3-way crossovers but I would Bi-Amp the subs.

Will I go broke with doing all this???? There not on the sensitive side because they can take all the amp's I can throw at it and sound great. They sound just as good as my Boston A-150's and Infinity SM-152's.

I guess I'm just confused on baffle style speakers and what there capable of doing. I'm a newbie & also wondering what the hell are topic tags????

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