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Audio Lab AL 40 Loudspeaker

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Hello everyone, Does anybody have any information on Audio Lab AL 40 speakers? I was given a pair that needs restoration but I cant find any information about them. The only clue I have is the back panel lable that states that their a 10 inch woofer with a 10 inch passive radiator, 5 inch mid, 1 inch dome tweeter, made in Poland. Any help would be appreciated. williamwilson64@tds.net

I have gleened a bit more informationas follows: I have recently been given a pair of Audio Lab Consort AL 40 speakers. These were imported from Poland by the Unitronex Corporation that had license to sell in the U. S. from 1970 to 1978. Does any one have any information, advertising literature, specification sheet, manual or any other information about these speakers or the product line of Audio Lab Consort? Thank you. <williamwilson64@tds.net>

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Tonsil ZG-40C201 - 3-way speaker system with passive radiator

Years of production: 1973-1983 (by "ZWG TONSIL" Wrzesnia, Poland)
One of the first polish Hi-Fi Speaker sets.
It was manufactured in 3 different versions & sold under brand names:
Continental Edison EA 9780 - France
Audio Lab Consort AL 40 - US version
  • Rated Power - 40W
  • Impedance- 4Ω lub 8Ω (depending on version)
  • Dimensions (H xW xD) - 64/24/25 cm
  • Enclosure Type: Closed/passive radiator
  • Weight - 21kg
  • Frequency response- 40-20000 Hz
  • Enclosure volume - 43 l
  • Crossover Frequencies - 0,6/6kHz
  • Woofer GDN 25/40/3 (diameter/handling power/type)  
  • Wide range speaker GD 12/5 (used as mid-range speaker)
  • Tweeter dome GDWK 9/40/1 8Ω
  • Passive radiator MB 25/UB 25
Drivers have coated paper diaphragm with polypropylene foam suspension.
Foam replacement and other parts should be available @manufacturers website:
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