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A few suggestins


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Hi there

May I suggest that no one can edit their write-up after a few hours or even more than a few.

It appears that I can edit any and all of my writings since day one.

My point is that someone writing a number, model or whatever can return and change or delete that information at any time.

If an honest mistake is made then all is well to change it for the betterment of this site, but still with a time limit.

The problem I see is that anyone reading that old information when it was newly written cannot see the new amendment to it.

This may be a simple one number or letter change, such as, I believe Tom Tyson had posted a drawing which had been folded on a value.

The value appeared to be something else as it was missing some ink in the crease.

In a amendment writeup it would have been just a simple change to alter the character/number but it would not be recognized at a later date.

Unless of course if we can alter the amendment to move the newly altered writeup to the front of the line with a current date and time and the changes highlighted.

Another thought is, a special position on the screen for the amendments which should still bring that writing to the front of the line.

I have seen numerous changes and improvement to this site since I first came here, great job.

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Here's another. Well, it's more of a question than a suggestion.

How come the site keeps getting raided by spammers with seemingly east European or Russian text? The basic software for this site is like many other audio forums and yet I don't see any of these raids on those forums. I know Mark is a very security conscious guy and wonder how this can occur.


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Just a guess, those other sites have probably domain-blocked all the Eastern EU country domains so nobody from those countries can even register.

WRT to other suggestions, IPBoard is a prepackaged app with certain default and optional settings. I don't know whether the way it works now is just the out of box defaults or if Mark has configured any options, and I'm not familiar enough with the way it works to make any attempts at reconfiguring the look and feel options.

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How come the site keeps getting raided by spammers with seemingly east European or Russian text?

Because that's where they live. Lots of people from those areas tend to spam. Why? I don't know but they do.

I am a mod on three different websites and last spring we started to get tons and tons of spam. What I started to do was to block their IP addresses and then send a copy of the spam to their ISP. In a few short weeks all the spam stopped and hasn't come back.

Another trick I used was to program in another field in the registration form, but NOT to have it displayed to the user on the registration form page. If any data is put into that field, the entire registration form is trash canned. Why? Because most spamming cases are done by Spambots, and they will fill in any field they see. So it's just a simply matter of expecting a blank field in a field the user never sees to ensure it really is a human.

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I believe, as of late, the presence of euro-spammers has become significantly diminished because there are now two moderators; each from the East and West coasts of the U.S. to cover these posts throughout the day and, I'm one of them. :ph34r:

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