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Some questions about older AR2s


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I'm helping a friend refinish some old AR2s he came up with. First question: What's inside these guys? I know (or think) the AR2x has a crown woofer and a tweeter that's a lot like the midrange of the AR2ax. But what's inside the earlier AR2? Also, these have screen slots like AR3s, but am I correct in assuming the the screens are also stapled in? Our first attempts to get the screens off were not successful. Finally, did AR use SHELLAC on some of their earlier speakers? When I sanded down a top and wiped the surface down with warm water, some dripped on an unsanded surface and the areas the water touched turned white, as is supposed to happen with shellac. If AR used shellac, then I'll go for authenticity and use shellac once I've sanded and oiled these up. An interesting note: these are finished in veneer on three surfaces but plywood on what we commonly call a side. Obviously they were designed to be used on their sides as bookshelf speakers. The trend toward using bookshelf speakers "standing up" must not have been in full swing when these were made. Thanks for any words of wisdom.

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