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Woof, Woof, Woofers


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Hi there

I took a few photos last night of just one version I have of Dynaco/Seas woofers sold several decades ago.

The main one is the larger magnet version that came from an ebuy auction.

It arrived separated, DOA.

The rear backplate and magnet were detached from their factory epoxied positions.

I will update a description as we go along.

The one photo is of the standard woofer above the larger magnet version for comparison.

I show a way to package and ship a pair of drivers, whether they be Dynaco or not and woofers or not.

In this case the woofers are aluminum housing and relatively light in weight.

A 1" spacer between housings keeps the surrounds and cones from touching any packaging surfaces.

Even a tweeter, such as, an AR-4X tweeter, or AR dual cone tweeters, still has sticky surrounds and if touched by just about anything will crumble.

A single driver can be done but a thin piece of plywood is used as a spaced mounting board.

The weight of an AR 12" woofer is much greater and larger bolts, washers, spacer and plywood is needed.

Update 20110816 2:22 PM

something strange is happening here.

I posted a list describing each photo and when I saved it and returned to view they were gone.

Here goes again.

1... shows the 1" plastic tubular spacers and nuts and bolts used to keep the surrounds apart, you can see daylight through the gap.

If no solid spacer is available a set of washers and extra nuts will suffice as spacers.

I will be taking a few pictures of a pair of 10" AR Aluminum Alnico woofers that were shipped to my by James, packed like a tank, thank you, James.

2... shows a rear view of where the magnet detached and you can just see the very rear of the voice coil in its rear gap.

3... this is the popular Alnico magnet used at that time before Seas and others switched to ceramic magnets and possibly other types.

4... this is the 2 piece pole piece which is like a huge washer with the pole piece press fitted in a machined hole.

5... this is the rear of the backplate. The center of the pole piece is in the centre, peened over.

6... the upper woofer pair are the standard A-25 and A-35 10" woofers and the magnet is much smaller with them.

The two terminal wires should be joined or a small wire jumper should be used as a short across the woofer only terminals to eliminate back and forth movement.







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