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original large advent Q


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If you mean foam blocks as the original stuffing, I measured a Q of 0.84 on a NLA (about same box vol.)with foam blocks and 0.65 when I replaced the 5 foam blocks with 2.1 lbs of OCFG.

See this link for the story and imp/phase tests.


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thanks Carl

I measured the OLA with original fiberglass to have a

Qtc of about .8. I reported it on here somewhere.

The Q is lower if the fiberglass or foam is pushed up

against the back of the woofer.

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The old yellow foam also gets foam rot bad and it turns into crumbles and most likely does not damp as it did. I always felt my 1st advents with the pink insuilation and masonite gasket support had better low bass than my second pair with the black front panel and the new all steel frame speaker. They were in a double advent situation so together they were awsome.

Now I have come up with a double system that I love. A pair of advent heritage one on each channel, and the old 1st generation advents one one on each side. I have the original advents with the tweeter switch in the reduce position as the sound of the heritage tweeters is so smooth and sweet the old tweets can;t compete.

The 4 ohm load is powered by a large 100 watt per channel jvc reference amp putting out 200 watts per channel to the 4 ohm load. On a test cd that starts at 16 hz steady tone there is no sound but massive cone movement now next at 25 hz your better be ready for everything to be tied down as I can get 105 db weighted volume at 1/2 volume setting and stays at that level all the way up the frequency span. Yes I am a classical organ nut and this is great. Also I am a band director and I can listen at band room level with nice clean sound whenever I want. Yes I only do this when my wife is not home as it drives her nuts.

When it comes to listening to classical music on public radio I go a way different route. I have a restored klh model 21 radio connected to an restored ar model 4x and I can listen all day with no listening fatique. Those ars are not for organ but strings, wow they cant be beat.

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