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AR-3a improved in series.

mike tarelli

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I had to buy a second pair.Great cabinets,white fronts,original drivers,professional re-foam and binding posts by Wembley Loudspeakers.Worth a six hundred mile round trip but some advice needed please.

If I wire them in series, two a channel, does that make the load on the amp 8 ohm[ish]? I would still have 140 watts around that figure.

Is it a good idea from a sound quality angle?

They would have to stand upright so could I turn the bottom speaker upside down to raise the woofer off the floor? The floor is concrete.

Interestingly although they are younger than my first pair the paper label talks of white dots and T terminals in spite of the DPDT switch.They are so late they appear to have the AR-11 mids but AR-3a tweeters.



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