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welcome back

Guest rickcee

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Guest rickcee

Yep. long time . . .

2 super minor things :

the link to 'discussion' on homepage - the vertical orientation with globe - doesn't seem to work. the lower horizontal listing does.

the 'magazine lists' comes up as junk, either way

but as mentioned both minor to being back. Rick

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Hi Rick,

This is good information, and I appreciate it. Any bugs any of you notice, please report back to this forum.

Also, I have just noticed a *huge* problem - I'm running IIS 5.0 on Win2K Professional, and am limited to 10 concurrent sessions. So, only 10 people can use the website at the same time.

I know, this is totally unnaceptable.

So .. the most important thing has been accomplished - rescuing the forums. Now I can make solid backups as needed.

I will begin working on a new (yet again) server, but will do this in the background so none of you notice. Once it is ready to go live, I'll just swap boxes and the 10 session limit will go away.

I'm considering using this OS:



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