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Now, or forever hold on to Winky...........


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7-16-11 EST

Anyone interested?

Here’s an opportunity for those of you who are willing and able to take a crazy chance.

Two AR-LST’s that don’t look so bad at all. There will have to be some work done to bring them close to original condition. Using older woofers to replace these not so good newer ones that are included, re-stuffing of fiberglass, replacement grills, possibility that all the tweeters are blown already, etc. But what a treat these would be for the lucky buyer. But beware, these will be a ‘project’ and a ‘work-in-progress’ experience.

As fate would have it, I happen to have a dear friend who’s driving up from Florida about 200 miles from where these two babies are located. My friend is coming to NYC to help me get my stuff in order, for example, house repairs and a possible sale of said house, only to move into another house and I was thinking of asking him and his wife to divert for a few miles and pick these monsters up as they are ‘on-the-way’ from where’s he’s coming from in Florida

But! Do I really need two more LST’s? Actually, I don’t, but like an addiction to sex, I find myself never feeling I’ve had enough of it or too many AR speakers or as a young man too many organisms and too many different women. I know, without doubt it sounds silly in that; how many systems can one person listen to at one time, not even to go from one room to another across any given week. And then, what? Which system is the best sounding of any of the ones you might own? Why would you find yourself listening to the lesser system? I’ll also say you’ll need, separate ‘front-ends’, separate acoustic management addressing in each room, separate pre-amps, high power amps, Vinyl or CD, inputs and cables, oh my, where will it end? What’s that familiar expression, I learned many years ago: ‘Too Many Women, So little Time”! Gee, I did my share, of women and speakers, but 'just because I’m on a diet, doesn’t mean I can’t look at the menu'! But,I may pass on these, only to be condemned to live a life of never knowing, ‘what if I did score that last beauty', I, mean speaker? And I also know that I may be tearing apart marriages here and you'll have to look for another woman anyway, and the new one may not like big speakers either? Life I've learned is a 'compromise', and it will always be 'damn if you do and damned if you don't'. Please don't blame me for you indiscretions or choice in women, I only occasionally speak of speakers these days.

But, in the long stretch, I don’t really feel I’ll take the plunge here, so dive in and get back to this forum and tell us all about your dive into the sea of ‘LST’.

So, I’m passing it on to anyone who may be interested. Don’t say it, I already know, I’m too kind.

Rots of ruck, so here goes. Two days left, so ‘take the shot’! Or wallow in self-despair of being LST-less, and never knowing, ever, what it would’ve been like? There’s not too many others left to go around. Gorge yourself now, or be hungry farther on down the road.



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