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Recapping the KLH Model Thirteen

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Today I re-capped a KLH Model Thirteen. For those not familiar with this interesting component, it is a 2-piece solid state "adapter" that was designed in the early '60s to convert the mono KLH Model Eight tube radio into a component stereo system with FM multiplex as well as inputs for a stereo turntable and stereo tape. It came with a 2nd speaker to match the Model Eight speaker. This short description of the recap process will be included in the next revision of my KLH Model Eight restoration pamphlet. This thread has the restoration pamphlet, which includes a schematic and caps list for the Thirteen. Also in the thread is a hookup guide, with photos of the outside of the Thirteen:


I've recapped these before, but after recently recapping my MAC4100 with premium grade caps, I decided to use premium caps in this, too. The next step will be to take it to Bristol Electronics to have the FM multiplex section aligned.

The caps in the solid-state Thirteen are over a half century old, and several are of the PVC type that have proved so failure-prone in KLH speakers. Nichicon makes various series of electrolytics for audio use. KZ is premium, FG is High Grade, KW is Standard and KT is High Temp. Elna and Panasonic also make good audio grade caps. I recapped this Thirteen with a combination of Nichicon FG, Elna Silmic II, Sprague and Panasonic caps. When replacing caps you should, whenever possible, use the same value (replace 100μF with 100μF). If the same value is no longer available, +/- 20% will do. For example, 470μF is a suitable replacement for both 400μF and 500μF. Generally speaking it is desirable to go up one step in voltage (replace 30v with 35v) but NEVER go down in voltage.

"After" shot is on the left. There is also a board on the bottom of the chassis.

Questions and comments welcome.




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