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Rehabbing A25's need advice


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Hi, I recently had my A25's repaired turned out to be a human hair, i forgot the rest of the details, $40 dollar charge for the repair. The sales guy seems pretty nice and his shop has the name, "JL speakerworks". He proceeded to tell me for $150 dollars including parts and labor he can

replace caps with, "clarity" brand caps replace resisters redo entire crossover bypassing or taking out the selector switch. I forgot the technical terms he used but he says it will sound cleaner without the switching system. I usually use the selector locked in one below max. But i'v heard other pairs of A25's that sounded good maxed. Would you pick the value for replaced cap at max or one below max ? Or normal ? I think i would pick one below max but interested in feedback. Does the price seem to high? Does the method of bypassing selector switch make sense ? he also mentioned he could re-drill new wholes and new screws for the woofers and clean all the important contacts. What do you guys think ?

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