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Hello from an AR believer


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This is my first post here, so I thought I should introduce myself, or at least my speakers. I entered the world of vintage audio gear about three years ago. I refoamed a few sets of speakers before undertaking my first total rehab. I had picked up some trashed AR-93: The sock was shot, all the surrounds were shot, one of the speaker clips was broken, and the cabs had slight water damage.

I refoamed all six drivers, replaced all of the caps with polyproplene caps from Parts Express and added binding posts to replace the clips. My wife offered to redo the sock, but we decided to use black speaker cloth instead of trying to find fabric similar to the brown in the originals. The tops had some black marks, which as it turned out, were deeper than the veneer. Next decision, paint the tops and go for a black piano finish. I got a pretty glossy top, but not the piano finish. I have loved the result, using them in my main system for the past year.

Recently I picked up a pair of the Connoisseur 35T, which needed new surrounds. When I pulled the drivers, I gained a clue to the quality of the product from the heavy and heavily braced cabinets. When I was able to play them, I was amazed at the sound quality - clearer than the AR-93 (but not quite as much bass). These are currently second on my list of speakers, and have been doing duty in the mancave.

Overall, I guess I am attracted to the east coast sound, with the two AR entries, three EPI (40, 90, 100), the original Baby Advents, Boston Acoustics A40, and as of today, a pair of Avid 102's. It looks like that sound is well covered here.

Sorry for rambling, but I really love these speakers.

Regards, D-Ray

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Welcome to the CSP D-Ray

Yes--you've got it bad! ;)

Hope to see some pictures.

What's the next project?


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