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I hope I'm doing this right; it's my first time...


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Hello to all of you on the AR pages! My name is Stacy and I've spent the last 2 evenings quietly reading through all 102 pages of posts looking for info for my old AR-7's. I must say I'm very impressed with the technical audio knowledge, Acoustic Research enthuisiasm, and also with the good manners which exist here. For now I'll just say "Hello" and thank all of you for your contributions, your experience and your insightful knowledge. I sense I am among friends here. In the near future, I'll be following up this post with more lengthy ones as I prepare and execute a revamping of my old, trusty and yet very beat-up AR-7s. I'll be soliciting advice, opinions & thoughts on how I ought to procede. I'll tell you their story and share some pix of before, during and after. I don't consider myself anything of an expert, but if I could offer some help to anyone out there, I will of course be happy to. So once again, Hello and Thanks! I'll be typing to you soon!

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