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dynacoA25 trouble


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Hi my favorite pair of A25's are having some issues, no response from driver on one side, i took woofer out put it back in and pushed on woofer a slight bit while on and they came back to life, but then while playing a more demanding cd i noticed a buzzing on on the speaker in question, i'm upset and down, its my favorite part of my system and no it's not working right, i also noticed it makes this noise when you push on driver even when amp is off, but only after it's been used. if i wait 3 mins and push a little a again while amp is off there is no scratchy noise. Also noticed while powering up the amp only the speaker in question reacts for about 10 seconds. no visible rips on woofer, i'm not a tech and i cant figure it out, but it has me down and a bit depressed. any chance i can save them without replacing woofer? they are very slightly different then other A25 drivers i have seen, i want the rollover to be the same on both sides. i'm hoping to fix them without replacing the woofer, unless i can get a close to exact match.

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