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Speaker Knurled Nuts

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Hi there

For those of you that own Larger Advents or AR speakers with the knurled thumb speaker nuts, read on.

I have taken a real blurry photo of new brass and older stainless steel knurled speaker wire nuts.

On the left moving to the right, is 6-32, 8-32 and 10-32 polished brass knurled thumb nuts, then 2

stainless steel from AR-2 speakers and lastly 2 stainless steel from a pair of Larger Advent speaker systems.

I bought the brass ones recently from Rona, a large home hardware store here in Vancouver, for less than $2.00 each.

The correct size for each speaker system is 8-32.

I cannot show better detail of the difference between the stainless steel ones.

To my eyes the stainless steel ones were machined by two different suppliers, not that it matters a whole lot in the big picture.

The new brass ones appear to be machined identical to the ones from the AR-2 speaker system.

I only wrote this for those of you that may need to replace missing nuts.

UPDATE: The .jpg file is 2.4 mb in size so it will not upload, oh well, it was not a great photo anyways.

UPDATE: Again tried different camera, file is much smaller, still blurry though.

UPDATE 20110526 Here is two other much better photos taken off the internet of the knurled nuts.

I did see a very small difference between the AR and Advent s/s nuts. The AR nuts were drilled out and chamfered just slightly.

The Advent nuts were sharply beveled, this would allow for less threading and less supporting threads.

I am really spliting hairs here but AR might have paid a few cents more per bag but bought a much better product, IMHO.

AR also had more solidly built speaker cabinets compared to the Heathkits, they likely cost them more money as well.




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I was looking for some of these 8-32 nuts for my AR-7 speakers, and found a supplier in the UK - The Green Spark Plug Co Limited. It turns out the nuts are the same as those used to fix HT leads to old spark plugs (which is perhaps where AR sourced them from the the first place). 2.40 UK pounds for a pack of four is pretty good value (6.48 total within the UK), and the website says they post worldwide. Part number for the 8-32 brass nuts is HT21.


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Vern, you may be right but I think that, at least on AR & KLH, the originals were nickel-plated brass. No big deal. SS or brass should work fine.

I bought some on Amazon a while back--the 8-32 for speakers and 6-32 for my KLH Model Eight radios--but they do not seem to be available now. They were about 40 cents each but you had to buy 100 :huh:

btw--the brass ones are available in most hardware stores (even Home Despot) and I'm sure they are less than a buck apiece.


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