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Gene or Mark Help me please email


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Hi Mark and Gene

I am unable to send anyone here an email via this site.

I am able to upload files now.


At the bottom of this page to the right of, "click to attach files," it states, "Used 127.72 mb of your 200 mb global upload quota", (max single files size 2 mb)

The maximum file size of 2 mb has not been a problem, yet.

It is so easy to upload a file here now, if it was scanned and saved correctly, that is.

What happens when I reach the 200 mb global upload quota?

Does a trapdoor open under my computer chair? LOL

It appears that I can look at any topic that I've entered data into for many years and I can still edit and update them.

Help me please.

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Are trying to send PMs through the forum, or direct emails?

If you hit your attachment limit you won't be able to upload any additional content. Always best to size things appropriately and avoid uploading images that are too big.


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