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A matching center channel for AR91'


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I have a pair of AR91 speakers that I bought in 1981. I am using them as front speakers now for a wide-screen TV, and I am trying to add a center channel speaker(and maybe side or back speakers as well).

According to what is available from AR today, either AR4C or AR2C could be a choice, but they use 1" and 5 1/4" (all of current AR center channels use these sizes) tweeter and drivers. I wonder how it will sound with AR91's 3/4" and 1 1/2" elements. The manufacturer suggested AR4C as the closest match.

I read some of questions and responses in this forum, and I expect that an AR92 or something like that may be suggested as the center channel. My room is however pretty narrow such that I would like to attach the center channel behind the TV set, which is against a wall. I would prefer a smaller size.

I am no expert in speakers, and have no experience about "voice matching". Please advise.

G. Lee

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It's tough to see how the AR4C can be considered as a good complement to your AR-91's...it has a limited frequency response, 6 dB difference in efficiency, a crossover frequency that's about half of the 91's mid/tweeter crossover of 7.5 kHz (that's going to sound *weird*), and a sparkly little titanium tweeter. About the only thing going for it is the magnetic shielding.

It can be difficult to integrate vintage AR speakers into a video/surround installation...none of the speakers were shielded, which can be a real problem with the tower cabinets of the 9 and 90; and matching the center channel's voicing to the other front speakers is a definite challenge. Suggestions, anyone?

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Voice matching means that the speakers will work together, nothing currently sold under the AR brand is close to your AR91 speaker.

I would consider putting an AR92 upside down above your TV. If you put a 1/32" of steel sheet between the TV and the speaker, that should take care of an shielding issues. THen if you get a six channel system, you can use the other one for the center rear.

There is a pair of AR92 on ebay right now.

For surrounds; AR9, AR90, AR91, AR91.5, AR92, AR92.5 (not sure if this was available in the USA). These are "voice matched".

I have two pairs of AR9 speakers, and a pair of AR91.5 that will eventually be incorporated in a 7 channel music/home theatre system. I have not decided on the center channel. I am considering build one with the same mid and tweeter as the AR9x speakers, and an 8" are AR18 woofer, in a box a bit bigger than an AR18. The crossover network would be the same as an AR92.

Be careful with HT receivers, many are not up to driving the AR91 speakers. I can only speak about Onkyo's which will handle them okay, not as well as an Adcom amp, but they won't smoke.


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