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H. H. Scott S-12 Speakers

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There are a pair of H. H. Scott S-12 speakers locally that are interesting. They are very large and have a 15" woofer, a mid and a tweeter. They are mahogany construction according to the owner and are about 25" high and 18" wide and are "very heavy". I know many people don't think any Scott speakers were any good but I have heard early models from the early to mid sixties (the era I believe these to be from) that sounded pretty good to me and was wondering if any of you guys have heard S-12's before or can direct me to any information other than the exceedingly sparce content on the H. H. Scott page? The guy sent me a few pics from his cell phone of these things and they look like quality constructed cabinets with wooded support pieces on the bottom not unlike Electro-Voice Aristocrats. Thanks in advance for any info on this specific model of Scott speakers, if you've got it! All the best.


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