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Advice on selling KLHs


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So I have two sets of KLH's. Model 8 and Model 13. They are both brand new. Never used except when we tested them. They work beautifully and sound amazing. They are so nice, still original boxing and paper work including the manual and original receipt. I know I'll never used them, so I want them to go to a home thats going to appreciate them. So I'd like to sell them to someone who collects retro and vintage things, and will really value them. There isn't anything on Ebay like them, so I wasn't sure how to price them. Do any of you know a good site, shop or collector that would want them? and how much are worth? The only ones I've found have been pretty beat up.

KLH Model Eight FM Receiver

Serial No. 3173

KLH Model Eight Loudspeaker

Serial No. 3581

KLH Model Thirteen Stereophonic Adapter

Serial No. 00767

KLH Model Thirteen Speaker

Serial No. 0779

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As a matter of fact, there is something on eBay like them. I have a Thirteen for sale now and there is a nice Eight someone else is selling. Just search "KLH Eight" and you will find both.

A question for you: I have searched in vain for an owner's manual for the KLH Model Thirteen. Would you consider scanning yours and posting it here?

For a little light reading, here is the restoration booklet I wrote for the Model Eight. My latest revision also covers the Thirteen but it is not in the Library yet:


Good luck.


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